FIT & MTA: Aliens Underground / by becki kozel

Oh man!  This is so great!

image courtesy of Kids Creation Station.

image courtesy of Kids Creation Station.

I was recently involved in a new exhibit at FIT called Aliens Underground, a collaborative re-imagining of the 28th street 1 train station in an otherworldly theme.    We built lots of great miniatures, including scale models of the subway platform and trains.  The exhibit is partially sponsored by a new consumer 3D printing service called Kids Creation Station, who were able to bring our drawings to life through full color 3D printing.  The builders, painters, illustrators, designers, and 3-D printing staff all did an incredible job.  

6" full color 3D print of my little monk!

6" full color 3D print of my little monk!

I also had the fun task of building a tiny subterranean disco for rats.  Working resourcefully is a challenge, but we were able to build this exhibit on a tiny budget, using everything from cardboard to craft foam to make these miniatures.  And the rat disco is adorable.  We were able to wire it with lights and music too!

Video by Dan Shefelman.  Sweet french disco playlist by me.

Go check it out!  There's so much fun stuff there.  And besides the monk, I have a whole diorama, a mini subway car covered in one of my outer space textiles, and three other 3D printed miniatures in there! 

Aliens Underground was created by the FIT/illustration staff and graduating class of 2015 in cooperation with the MTA.  3D printed sculptures were designed by FIT students and printed by Kids Creation Station.  3D prints will be available for purchase via in August.

Aliens Underground runs at the Pomeranz Center until August 31.

Pomeranz Center

Fashion Institute of Technology

27th street at 7th Avenue

New York, NY


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